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                 Latest news: Beite carriage now provide the electric horseless wedding carriage, electric cinderella carriage, customize for Amusement theme park, sightseeing place. 
                 Jinhua Beite Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is located in Zhejiang, China. As a professional horse carriage manufacturer in China, we provide marathon carriage, pony cart, marathon training cart to European. And now the wedding carriage is very popular used in Australia. Kids toy sulky used in France
          Beite is full of manufacturing experience in these years’ development. From 2001, we start to produce mobility scooter, and golf cart; and later in 2006, we manufacture horse carriage. The quality of Beite products is excellent, and the price is reasonable, so clients speak highly of Beite.
                Perfect equipment, abundant resource, responsible attitude, and careful service contribute to our ability to manufacture the best product within the minimum time. Warmly welcome every factory and company to contact us if having interest in it. Thank you.
                Beite horse cart is established in China, as a professional horse cart, horse carriage and wedding carriage manufactuerer in China, we now have distributor in Canada, European and Australia.
          Now the popular OEM beite horse carriage model:
          Electric Cinderella Horseless Carriage
          The carriage is controlled by electric power, mainly used in Amusement Park, sightseeing place
          Electric vis-a-vis wedding carriage
          Electric horse carriage
          Marathon Horse drawn carriage BTH-01
          This marathon carriage is European design, four wheel hydraulic brakes system.
          Stainless steel outside, carriage for horse drawn.
          Marathon carriage manufacturer from China
          Pony competition horse cart BTH-04M
          This Four wheel pony carriage with pole&shafts for pair horse and single horse,
          four wheel hydraulic brakes system. 19'' pneumatic wheel, carriage for horse drawn.
          horse cart manufacturer in China
          Marathon training horse carriage BTH-02
          New design, four wheel hydraulic brakes, pole&Shafts for pair horse and single horse.
          Adjustable carriage driving seat, good carriage wheel
          Beite horse carriage manufacturer in China
          Two wheeled pony carriage BTH-05P (pneumatic wheel or solid wheel)
          Flat seat, good suspension, with fender, disc brake.
          Pony carriage from China
          New Arriving Tourist horse drawn carriage BTH-10C
          BTH-10C, yellow color, the canopy has been fixed, 140cm axle width, double driving seat, floor mats, hydraulic brake system, long passenger seat, with knock-down canopy, 3.00-23 pneumatic wheel, more information  www.4dd44.com
          Cinderella wedding horse carriage for sale
          This cinderella carriage is for Melbourne, eight passenger seats. For normal horse, pole&shafts equipped.
          Horse drawn hay wagonette, farm use carriage
          Kids toy sulky, pedal power for around 8 age child
          BTH-11F with flat board behind
          20 inch full suspension electric folding bike, Beite electric bike
          20 inch fat tire Electric folding bike, Beite electric bike
          Electric mountain bike, Beite electric bike
          Lady electric city bike, Beite electric bike
          Electric city bike, Beite electric bike
          Beite fat tire electric bike, prefessional electric fat tire bike factory in China
          Bending Press Machine CNC CNC Lathe
          Electric Discharge Machine EDM Wire-cutting Machine CNC Engraving Machine