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          Horse carriage manufacturer

          Beite carriage supplier

          Jinhua Beite Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

          Head office: 

          NO.359, Baisha Road, Qiubin Street,

          Jinhua, Zhejiang, 321017 P.R.China

          TEL: 0086 (0)579 82271823   

                        0086(0)579 82277907 

          FAX: 0086 (0)579 82277909    

          Mobile : 0086-15268624766 Cathy.

          15825773908 Justin.


          E-Mail: info@beitercarriage.com or cathy@beitercarriage.com

          Add WhatsApp       0086-15268624766 Cathy

          Skype: zh812531            

          See more picture in our facebook



          Welcome! If you have any questions or suggestion, please feel free to contact us. Thank you.